From the album The Anzac Day Kit

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The song 'Australia Remembers' plays tribute to all the men and women who fought for Australia in wartime and those who supported the troops back home. It is part of our Anzac Day Kit and was placed in the top 10 of songs in the 'Australia' category of the Australian Songwriters Association competition in 2010.


Australia Remembers (P McGee, J Littrich, N McCann)
1. What if we forgot about the dreams of countless men,
Who gave their hearts, and their lives.
Left their parents, kids and wives,
To fight in wars to help preserve the freedom now enjoyed?
2. What if we forgot about the women left at home,
Who kept the country, towns and farms,
Running with their weary arms,
Who struggled in the worst of times and waited for their men?
Australia remembers them, they shall not grow old.
We hope in looking back we learn,
From history’s lesson we discern
A means of bringing peace on earth, Lest we forget.
3. What if we forgot about aggressors at our door,
Who tried to make the world a place,
Where quality depends on race.
Forgot all those atrocities or claimed they never were?
4. And what if we forgot about all those other lives,
Victims of their circumstance,
Who never even stood a chance,
Lives that seem so futile now, unless we stop and think?
Chorus x 2 then repeat the words “Lest we forget”