1. Walk On


Walk On
Words and music by Paul McGee, John Littrich and Neil McCann

We can learn from each other, put your arm round your brother

Walk with your sister as we head on down the road.

The journey of our healing as a nation has begun.
We’re all in this together. Let’s take these steps as one.


Let’s walk on, Sing a song

Let’s make this journey hand in hand

Together we will heal this land walk on

From the time of the Dreaming the first people of this land

Knew the sacred stories of the sky and sea and land.

They understood the seasons and they painted up the songs.

We can learn a lot from them to make this country strong.


We can’t forget the past with all the suffering and pain

If we walk together, it wont happen again.

We’re children of Australia, the Great Southern Land

We will walk together to hear and understand.

Chorus x 2
(repeat last two lines of chorus on last time)