From the album Antarctica

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He brought his men to the Antarctic.
That’s the place where the ice is so thick.
You may have heard of a story that’s told,
How they went in search of the pole.

Chorus: His name was Scott- of the Antarctic.
His name was Scott- of the Antarctic.

So off they wen, this party of five.
On their sleds, they had a long ride.
They took no dogs, but horses instead.
Wasn’t long before those horses were dead.


Finally, they reached the South Pole
Long after a man named Roald.
It broke their hearts to see the flag there.
Flying high in the freezing air.

So what happened to this party of five?
They never made it back home alive.
Captain Scott was a very brave man,
But he was no match for this icy land.

Chorus x 2