From the album The Story of Christmas

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Born in Bethlehem

1. A journey long, to travel far away.
Your donkey strong, never falters on the way.
Came into town, there’s no place to stay.
But out the back there’s a place, a manger lined with hay.

A child is born, born in Bethlehem
A child is born, born in Bethlehem

2. And shepherds came, across the fields they saw.
The Son of God, they bowed their heads, in wonder and in awe.

Bridge: Alleluia sing the angels, hear the angels sing.
Alleluia, glory to the king.

3. So people shout, people call, people sing, Praise unto the Lord
Raise your eyes, lift your arms, open up your heart.


4. And it’s for us, every single one of us, for the needy and the meek.
The helpless, the homeless, the aged and the weak.
So let’s give thanks for the gift of His love, God gave His only Son.

Chorus (Repeat)