From the album The Story of Christmas

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Mary, Peace Be With You.

Verse 1
Mary was a young woman
who lived in the land of Galilee,
God had important plans for her
and when the time was right, He began.
God sent an angel, Gabriel,
to a town called Nazareth,
Mary had been chosen by God
And this was the message you see.

Chorus Peace be with you!
The Lord is with you!
Blessed are you
Peace be with you!
Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh, Oh, Oh.
Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh, Oh, Oh

Verse 2
Mary’s cousin Elizabeth, thought she’d never have a family,
But she was soon to have a baby too, so Mary went out to see,
Elizabeth’s baby leapt in her womb when she heard of Mary’s news
She realised that Mary’d been called to be the Mother of God.

Repeat first verse 1 and chorus